The roof is a significant element in the total visual appeal of your residence. Picking the best roof shingles will depend on both the general looks of your home and the weather specifically where you live. Your roof should certainly survive a long time, you don't want to be stuck with a color or design you hate to look at or that doesn't provide curb appeal. Let's check out at what a number of the factors that should really be kept in mind before you decide to purchase shingles for your roof repair. 

Atmospheric conditions: 

The type of roof shingles on its own as well as the shade not only affects the aesthetics of your home, it can also have an effect on its energy efficiency. The color scheme you go for has an effect on just how much heat energy your home retains and absorbs. If you reside in a hotter environment, go with a lighter shade shingle that can reflect the heat. If you live in a much cooler environment, darker roof shingles will hold on to and absorb heat much better. This choice could considerably influence your home heating costs, especially in the icy Wisconsin winter seasons. For extra suggestions make sure to call experienced orlando roofing contractors for the best recommendations.


The color of shingle you decide on should really be based upon whether you would like your roof to match or contrast the other parts of the home. In some cases you want the roof to catch the eye and make a statement. If this is the case, decide to match your shingles to a draw attention to color from a detail of the house, landscaping or surrounding yard. In other situations, you really want your roof to blend and match the similar color palette as the rest of your home. Staying in a neutral color scheme palette is always a safe bet. The color of your shingles can also influence how big your house looks. A darker roof has the tendency to make your home look smaller in size than it actually is, and a lighter roof can make it appear much larger. 

Building material: 

The look of your house's roof greatly hinges the type of building material your roof shingles are constructed of. Each and every material has it's pros and disadvantages. Listed below is a lineup of several of the more popular materials that are used: 

Asphalt: retain heat, more advantageous in colder environments, broad color variety 
Clay: repels heat energy, ideal for warmer climates, traditional shades of red or tan 
Wood: long-lasting, quick and easy to repair, however vulnerable to fire damage and rot 
Slate: totally fireproof, natural color tones, very costly and vulnerable to breakage
Metal: environmentally friendly, wide color variety, often times costly 

Type of Home: 

No two home or apartments are absolutely the identical, but their types can quickly be classified. Your shingles should complement the architectural style of your house. Here are popular designs: 

Colonial: Go for a slate-look style of shingles. Stay with the darker colors– grays and blacks with flecks of accent color schemes generally look most desirable. 

Contemporary/Modern: These homes usually feature clean lines and angles, it is best to continue this on the roof. 

Craftsman: wood-shake appearing shingles in earth tones 

French Country: Having this style of home, you may do almost anything and it will look good. To remain on the safe side stick to a neutral color palette. 

Mediterranean/Tuscan: Clay roofing tiles in warm browns, reds, and dark grays are fantastic options to complement the style of home. 

Mountain: Keep the old-fashioned style by picking a wood-shake in natural colors. 

Ranch: This style of home tends to have a sizable roof and has a significant impact on the total appearance of the home. Widespread selections in color and style will look great since the ranch style suits a lot of variety. 

Tudor: warm grays and browns that compliment the rest of the house 

Victorian: These ornate homes are matched best with slate-looking roof shingles in a striking color such as greens, grays and reds. You want to incorporate contrast with these types of houses. 

If you're still undecided on which variety and color option of roof shingles to use on your home,. Consult orlando roofing contractors so they can discuss what options best suit your home.