Roofing Contractors In Orlando Florida

When its time to construct or upgrade your house's roof (or part of it), price can be a major factor to consider relative to the durability, composition, and general ease of installment of roofing materials. Doing roof repairs or installation yourself is within the realm of possibility, but for beginner DIY-ers who do not have experience in roof repair work, or a professional's license, it's best to enlist the services of a roofing contractor or team of contractors who are experts in roof installation (also referred to as roofers) to get the work done.

As you would expect, resorting to the pros will certainly cost you some money. Roofers usually charge by the "square," which is one 10-foot by 10-foot square of space; a typical roof can have anywhere between 22 and 26 squares, and your full cost in this step will certainly depend upon how much of your roof needs to be replaced. Roofers will also charge to remove all or part of your old roof; typically, a roof with one story and one shingle layer will most likely run you around $100-150 per square in terms of removal expenses. If your roof has more than one shingle layer that needs to be removed, this will certainly increase the removal price.

Installation of the new roof follows, and this price depends highly on both the kind of roofing materials you select that will make up your new roof, and the overall size of your roof. Asphalt or composite shingles are a very popular choice due to their sturdiness; these shingles are made from small asphalt or composite granules atop a fiberglass mat, and usually last 20-30 years. Roll roofing, likewise made of asphalt, has the benefits of being both lightweight and relatively easy to install. It is most commonly utilized for flat or low-slope roofs. Metal roofs is emerging as a more popular option for some households– regardless of its high cost relative to more traditional roofing materials– because it is eco-friendly, resilient, and, unlike wood, does not attract termites. Slate roofs looks great with almost any house, however given that it is real stone, price could be a issue. Cost-wise, asphalt and roll roofing generally be the least expensive in terms of what the material itself costs, while metal, slate or more specialized custom roofing systems (such as a "green roof") tend to be at the much higher end of the price spectrum.

No matter which product you choose, remember that roofing products are sold by the square and not by square foot! If you require a more precise idea of materials cost and how to budget before you start to search for a roofing contractor, using an online calculator particularly for roofing expenses may be beneficial.

Other aspects unique to your home's structure consist of the slope, or pitch, of your roof (due to the quantity of material needed, steep roofs tend to cost a lot more to replace than those that slope more gently), and details such as chimneys and skylights that require roofing contractors to work around. As with other home improvement and contracting projects, it is usually a good strategy to consult a number of roofing contractors and get estimates prior to you making a definitive hiring decision.

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